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High Risk Merchant Accounts Reseller Refferal Program


1. Where are you based out of?
Answer) Our main office is in New York City, but we work with banks from all over the world, and will work with you to find the best solution and the best location for your business.

2. How fast is the application process?
Answer) The time to approval of a high risk merchant account, depends on several different factors, these will be discussed during the application stage with your account rep, we will request certain documents for your application, if you have all documents that are required then the application process will move faster than if you do not.

3.What type of sites allow to be processed for?
Answer) Please contact us to let us know what you are selling, and we will let you know. We only process for legal products and services.

4.How much is your setup fee and what are your rates?
Answer) Again all clients are different and will have different rates for their services, best thing to do is contact one of our reps and they will discuss with you what type of fees and rates that you can expect after your application is submitted.

5.Can I keep the gateway or shopping cart I am currently using on my site?
Answer) In most cases you will have to switch to our state of the art gateway, but we have had clients keep their current gateway and shopping carts, this can be discussed with our tech department once you are setup.

6.What countries do you allow companies or individuals to be from to use your services?
Answer) We work with clients from all parts of the world, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

7.My current processor is down and i need something quick, can you set me up fast?
Answer) Unfortunately this kind of thing has become the norm lately, and yes we do have an express service for clients that have either lost their merchant account or their current processor is down, Contact us right now to get your site and business up and running, and to partner with a professional company to avoid these kind of occurrences from ruining your business.


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