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E-wallets or E-cash have been around for several years, consumers store digital cash, which has been transferred from a credit card, debit card or virtual check inside their e-wallets.

Digital cash is like having a virtual savings account where charges are made for ongoing purchases, particularly micropayments, small payments from $0.01 to $10 that can be used to pay for access to digital information such as newspaper articles or software, this is very useful for high risk services such as adult, gaming, software download or any kind of pay per view or pay per minute type product.


One-click micro-payments over the Internet:
A visitor to a site clicks on a link to buy access to an article for a nickel; one click and he gets to read.

Anonymous payments on the Internet:
People are increasingly concerned about being tracked through their purchases on the web, and worry about giving out their credit card number on sites they don't know.

Payments from non-traditional devices:
The user would keep his wallet in a device like a palmtop, or a smart phone, and make payment wirelessly by pointing it at a vending machine or entering a code into the phone to charge movie tickets from the car on the way to the theater.

E-Wallets are bits of software that are either server “side” (information that is stored on a secure server) or “client side” (information that is stored on the consumer’s personal computer).

They can help merchants acquire and retain customers by offering an easy and convenient ordering solution,allowing payments and shipping information to be securely stored on a merchant’s site for repeat purchases.

Consumers can get E-Wallets from their financial institution, specialized merchants, or technology providers.

E-wallet type businesses are considered very high risk by merchant banks it would be very wise and cost effective to partner with a company like us that understands and has worked with some of the largest E-wallet/E-cash companies on the internet today, with their merchant services.

We help E-wallet/E-cash type companies that require ach/e-check processing or credit card processing services for their business.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company succeed in this very competitive business.


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